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The bespoke professional translation services I offer with COCO WORDS will help your project by translating it into other cultures, giving it visibility for better marketing.
From mere translation to creative translation, from proofreading to transcreation services, COCO WORDS has got your back.
That’s a lot of input, I know. Not sure what I’m on about?

Let’s clarify the difference between translation and transcreation, then.

Translation is carried out by a qualified translator, with excellent proficiency in both languages, who will create an accurate version of your text in another language.

Transcreation takes translation to another level – it is a mix of translation, cultural consulting and copywriting. The aim is to recreate the essence of a message in another language, arousing in the reader the same emotions and implications as the text in the source language, while maintaining its intent, style, voice and meaning.

Transcreation is a highly creative process, used mainly for advertising and marketing materials, that delivers high-quality communications. COCO WORDS’s translation and transcreation services offer you a comprehensive localization service.

Proofreading services work as the icing on the cake: the translated text will be corrected and reviewed by a qualified professional.

Professional translation services: English, German and Italian

As a graduate in Translation and Interpreting, I am fully qualified to work on English to Italian translation projects, as well as German to Italian translation.
If you want to expand your business in one of the European Union’s largest markets, or you plan to kickstart an international marketing campaign for your product, I’m your woman.
COCO WORDS translation and localization services is not just me, Annalisa, it’s also a network of highly qualified professionals I work with, offering you a wide range of translation services, tailored to your specific needs.

Since translation is also a great tool for market research, I pair my translation services with my work as a cultural consultant. Not sure what that means? A cultural consultant knows what will work in the target market – and, equally importantly, what won’t. My work and life experience in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore gifted me with a strong cultural awareness that will add the finishing touches to my translation services, the key for your business to succeed in a new market.

Translation for the Swiss market

COCO WORDS offers premium translation services from German into Swiss Italian, and from English into Swiss Italian.

Why would anyone need a Swiss Italian translator? Why a specific localization and transcreation service for the Swiss Italian market? Because you just need to spend a few days in Switzerland to realize that the Italian spoken in Italy and the variety spoken in Switzerland are quite different.

Have you ever heard of “actions” at the supermarket? No? Well, in Switzerland an “action” is a special offer. Do you see what we are talking about? If you want to work with a specific language market like Italian-speaking Switzerland, you need specific expertise. I’m here to help you with that.

Translation for business

My business translation services are tailored specifically for business clients: they include translation and localization services, as well as transcreation and proofreading services, from English to Italian and from German to Italian.

Letting a professional language consultant take care of the translation and localization of your business is the best way to conduct useful market research before entering a new market, ensuring a quick return on investment once you’ve made a decision. On top of that, a professional translation will also avoid potential mistakes that might not only let your message get lost in translation – they might also cost you money, and affect your reputation. Nobody wants that, right?

My bespoke business localization services blend my technical competence with the knowledge I gained in years of professional experience in multiple fields, and in multiple countries. My use of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools will ensure linguistic and stylistic consistency and precision. My cultural awareness will take care of everything else, adding a touch of transcreation to the mix, if necessary. I can help you with texts in the following fields:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Fashion, Design, Luxury Goods
  • Cosmetics and Beauty
  • Health Care and Medical Cannabis
  • Websites, Apps, Text-to-Speech
  • Corporate and HR Documents
  • Training Courses, E-Learning, E-Commerce
  • Tourism, Travel, Hotels

Proofreading services

Proofreading services ensure that your texts are linguistically correct, and also check for any other possible errors that may have been inadvertently introduced into your text during the different editing stages: these mistakes can be related to grammar, but also to typography or graphics. COCO WORDS can proofread both translated text and original Italian copy.
An accurate proofreading process will further protect your company’s reputation, avoiding typos (we all know how bad those look) and ensuring consistency in your text.

Not sure which service you need?
Get in touch with COCO WORDS here for a quote or to ask any questions that might come to mind.

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