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COCO WORDS offers bespoke interpreting services, designed just for you in several language combinations including German, English and Italian, depending on the nature of your project and on your specific needs.

A good interpreter doesn’t just relay a message – a good interpreter is an expert in cross-cultural communication, who chooses the best words to foster communication between two parties, promoting your project or service on the way.

Being an expert in cross-cultural communication means bridging a gap between two or more languages and cultures, working as a catalyst for cultural connections and the kind of understanding that is necessary between business partners.

My interpreting services will put my competence and experiences as an interpreter at your service, tailoring them to your needs. There are several interpreting techniques out there, COCO WORDS offers you: consecutive interpreting, chuchotage, remote video interpreting, as well as via phone call, liaison and negotiation interpreting for:

  • Work meetings and negotiations
  • Presentations and product launches
  • Training sessions
  • International events and award ceremonies
  • Fashion shows and sports events
  • Congresses, trade fairs, round tables
  • And much more

Not sure what you need? Here’s what we can offer you.

Tailor made interpreting services in English, German and Italian

COCO WORDS offers consecutive interpretation services in German→Italian, Italian→German, English→Italian, Italian→English.

So what is this all about? Technically speaking, it’s rather simple, really: the person speaking says a few sentences while the interpreter listens and then pauses, while the interpreter COCO WORDS also offers chuchotage services from German to Italian and from English to Italian.
When using this interpretation technique, the interpreter stands or sits directly beside the speaker and whispers the translated message into the ear of one or two individuals (chuchoter is French for whispering). What if the listener wants to say something? In that case, the interpreter will translate what the listener has to say, using consecutive interpreting.

Whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting, so it is rendered in real time, but at a potentially lower cost. It is ideal for short meetings and presentations.

Not sure which interpreting technique is best for you? Get in touch, and we will find the best solution for your Italian and German interpretation needs.
repeats what has just been said in the target language.
This interpretation technique does not need any technical equipment, and that will be to your advantage; the disadvantage here is that since this interpretation is done with a time delay, meetings will last a little longer.

Cross-cultural communication for your business

Working with cross-cultural communication in a business setting requires fine technical competence, but that’s not all.

A good interpreter must also possess an excellent cultural skill set, necessary to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. This will ensure that your interpreter chooses her words carefully, and effectively grasps the cultural differences, avoiding intercultural mistakes or misunderstandings.

For example, did you know that in Germany, tapping your temple or forehead with your finger communicates that you think a person is an idiot? Make sure you avoid the pitfalls of cultural embarrassment by trusting a professional interpreter to work at your side, with the utmost cultural sensitivity and finest knowledge of the target market.

Professional Interpreting for Business Negotiations

COCO WORDS also offers negotiation interpreting services, in all language combinations of German, English and Italian.

Working on an important business negotiation? Trust it to an expert in cross-cultural communication for businesses, a professional with extensive experience and knowledge of your industry who can perfectly read people and situations, and act as cultural mediator – ensuring diplomacy, risk mitigation and a personable approach. All these skills contribute to successful business negotiations, as does the ability to think and react quickly.

Negotiation interpreting and liaison interpreting do not require any technical support and can be done outside of the office. This flexibility will add value to your business, making your project mobile and flexible, and managed with technical skills.

COCO WORDS offers tailored-made negotiation and liaison interpreting services in English, as well as in German and Italian.

Remote video and phone interpreting

COCO WORDS also offers remote interpreting. Remote phone and video interpreting requires competence and experience, and my aim is to find the exact point where your expectations and the quality of our service delivery meet, giving you precisely the kind of service you need.

Our remote interpreting services will allow you to have your meetings delivered easily and quickly, without the interpreter having to move. Phone and video interpreting are an excellent solution when you urgently need an interpreter – it is also ideal for those who wish to keep tabs on costs, without giving up on quality. Thanks to video technology, you will be able to visually connect, communicate and interact with the interpreter in real time – combining precision and clarity with geographical flexibility.

Why choose COCO WORDS Interpreting Services?

Choose COCO WORDS interpreting services and enter a world of professional services that provide effective cross-cultural communication for your company or project. We will design and tailor our cultural consultations to suit your needs, in the most efficient way, and we will deliver the highest possible value with competence – and a smile.

COCO WORDS interpreting services will help you reach a larger audience, maximizing the impact of your business, and increasing marketability, sales and huge profits.

Thinking of developing your skills as an interpreter? COCO WORDS also offers training for interpreters. Interested? Get in touch here to find out more!

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