“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith

COCO WORDS has been offering foreign language courses since 2001: our online English and German language courses, as well as Italian and Swiss Italian courses, will help you communicate, and connect to the world.

Improve your professional skills, expand your business, or just grow as an individual: whether you want to learn your first foreign language, or improve one you already speak – my language courses will help you reach your goals, quickly and successfully, wherever you are.

Language learning for adults and students: English, German, Italian

COCO WORDS offers bespoke online language learning, tailored to your needs. Whether you need to work on specific content and topics, or have special timetabling requirements, I am here for you: COCO WORDS offers both general language courses, for those who want to learn a language for their travels, or out of cultural interest, as well as business language courses, both for individuals and companies.

My online language courses can be both intensive, for those who need to develop their communicative skills quickly but effectively, and extensive, for those who would rather take their time, to dive into the culture and hone their skills consistently, at their own pace.

Your level will be assessed thanks to an online placement test, placing you in the right CEFR level for you, ensuring that you spend your money effectively and efficiently. Your online language learning classes with me will use relevant, up-to-date materials, and interactive language teaching methods.

Finally, my foreign language courses can be organized both as one-on-one sessions or as group classes, and most importantly, they can take place anywhere! Set up your language course in a location of your choice, or online – in that case, all you need is an internet connection, and you can have your language lessons online, anytime, anywhere.

English language courses

COCO WORDS’s English language courses are effective, fun, and designed for your needs. You will start communicating quickly, opening the door onto new worlds, whether you are learning because you are into the culture or because you want to move to a new place, and you want to do so after mastering a powerful tool – the English language.

Already speak English as a second language, but need to certify your skills? Perhaps for a visa? No problem – we’ve got you covered. COCO WORDS offers exam prep courses, for B1, B2 and C1 levels, for several English-language tests, including all Cambridge qualifications and tests. When you prepare for an exam, it’s not just about speaking the language – it’s also about knowing how to do exam tasks, and that’s when a specific exam-related course can help.

Remember how you learned English at school? All grammar, no speaking, leaving you tongue-tied and in shock on your first trip to London, unable to have a conversation? Forget that. We’ll get you speaking in no time!

German language courses

Remember the song? Eins, zwei, Polizei….? Yes, that one. And then?

Errr.. Right. That’s why we are here. You can do better than that.
Could it be the right time for taking that German language course you’ve been talking about for years?

COCO WORDS offers online German courses: develop your skills with a general course, or improve yourself with a business German course – I have it all. Need a more specific objective to motivate you? You can also choose to prepare the DaF certificate with us, to certify your knowledge. Pair that with our intercultural training if you are planning to move to Germany or Switzerland, and amaze yourself with your newfound language skills – you’ll be part of the community in no time at all!

Italian language courses

Planning a trip to Italy? Dreaming of moving there to check whether la vita is really bella?
I can help you find out, with my online Italian language courses. If you are learning out of personal interest, or perhaps you work with Italian companies, I’ve got what you need.

Or, are you moving to Switzerland? Do you work with the Swiss market? Fear not: here we are, with our online Swiss Italian course: believe it or not, there are considerable differences between the Italian spoken in Italy and the Italian spoken in Switzerland… And as the Swiss would say, be prepared!

If you are studying Italian at university, or need a more specific objective as motivation, or if you need to certify your learning for work, COCO WORDS can help with its CILS exam prep courses.

Corporate language training for business and companies

Language learning involves a lot more than just learning the language – especially when it comes to corporate language training, which must consider the cultural component of language learning in order to be successful. This is why your business language courses will always be based on up-to-date, relevant material. For the same reason, we use interactive methods, to offer a hands-on experience and enhance the learning process, by engaging you and your employees.

In order to offer an effective and comprehensive programme of corporate language courses, COCO WORDS also offers tailored global mobility solutions and intercultural training for managers, executives, professionals and industry leaders. We also assist relocation companies, expats and their families to address their language learning needs, making your relocation smoother and less traumatic.

All COCO WORDS business language courses start with a needs analysis and a chat, assessing each participant’s professional responsibilities and specific needs, in order to create an informed language learning plan that addresses these needs, by adapting them to each individual’s learning style.

COCO WORDS offers Business English courses, as well as Business German courses and Business Italian and Swiss Italian courses, providing you with a powerful tool to improve your networking skills. Learn the language, take care of your international clients, and enhance your decision-making power, without interpreters or middlemen.

COCO WORDS’s most popular language courses

  • Work effectively with Brits, Germans, Italians
  • Work and live in the UK, Germany, Italy
  • Start a company in the UK, Germany, Italy
  • Get ready for your holiday in the UK, Germany, Italy
  • German for Italian and English speakers
  • Swiss German for Italian and English speakers

Not sure which course you need?

Find the best foreign language course for you by clicking here, to get an overview of COCO WORDS services.

Course offer and costs

At COCO WORDS, language tuition fees are calculated on a case by case basis, depending on the length of your course, on its format, and on the amount of participants. Job interview training counts as a tax-deductible expense. Additional charges apply for resume translation or proofreading as well as extras such as cover letters or other documentation.

Get in touch with COCO WORDS here for a quote for your online language course, or to ask any questions that might come to mind.
Of course, any information you share with me will be treated confidentially.

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