COCO WORDS is COmmunication and COnnections

COCO WORDS offers bespoke language services and multicultural marketing and consulting services for the global market, to connect you with people and organisations from all over the world. In English, German and Italian.

This type of marketing consulting paired with my language skills and competencies will help you develop and promote your product in the best possible way. Together, we will localize your product or service for international growth, according to the specific requirements of your project.

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COCO WORDS is Annalisa Mantovani:
bespoke language services

COCO WORDS is not an agency, but rather an independent professional who works in collaboration with a network of like-minded language experts. We offer you a full range of highly personalized communication and marketing and services to suit your language and event needs. With a customized approach, we offer you direct face-to-face communication which improves project efficiency and client satisfaction.

You will save time by dealing with a single point of contact – a professional language consultant – who works with unparalleled passion and relentless commitment, to market your brands, products and services. Bridge the communication gap with my personalized communication services and custom programmes designed to meet the unique needs of your business!

Annalisa Events

COCO WORDS Events Management

A well-qualified Special Events Manager with 17 years of experience who provides and manages hospitality and event opportunities with a focus on maximizing revenue potential for the business, to ensure an exceptional experience for each client through service excellence.

Don’t leave your event to chance!

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