I wish to express my gratitude to my highly qualified, knowledgeable and patient teacher Annalisa, from the bottom of my heart.
As a Chinese man, I had always dreamt of speaking English fluently. When I first settled abroad with my family, I was shy and didn’t have any confidence when speaking English. Improving my skills was my top priority, and my English-speaking working environment made this need even more pressing.

It was during that time that I signed up for her Business English training program. Annalisa’s courses are well-structured, tailored and detail-oriented – and as a trainer, she delivers them with patience and professionalism.
She encouraged me to speak as much as possible with her and my coworkers as a way to build up my confidence, correcting my grammar and pronunciation mistakes in real-time.
Most importantly, she greatly helped me develop my English presentation skills, positively impacting my career – and most certainly – my future, too.

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